Hints of Change

Sometimes we become adept at sensing a change before it even begins to unravel.

Big circumstances bring about an air of inevitable change: getting a license to drive, graduating from high school, moving off to college, and walking down the aisle to receive an undergrad degree.

Small moments can capture it—the first skip of rock down the river creating the ripples we already envisioned.

A predictable sitcom is no less irresistible, even if you can spell out the finale of the season two episodes in.

Change builds anticipation, unmatched by any other small excitement.

And lately, I’ve experienced that sort of change; the kind that makes you think twice.

You can’t see me at the moment, but I’m leaning over my laptop, on the edge of my seat, beaming like a little kid with a story so good that I can’t catch up with my words when I attempt to tell it to you.

Change can bring out so much emotion, on all ends of the spectrum.







It would be an arduous task to sit down and write out, word for word, each an every emotion tied to a specific circumstantial change.

But we’ve all been there on the edge of our seat, our instincts reeling with the prospect of change.

I have a mentality, which I’m not sure is a result of my glass-half-full personality or naïve optimism, that at those moments when you feel life pushing at you the hardest—the sleepless nights of homework, early morning email swamp, or the extra hours you set aside to work your passion—the greater the change is on the other side.

Change can be more than just a circumstance, but a reflection of growth and hope.

A small nod to the future, as the reflection of the past fades in the mirror.

A small glimmer of what could be that undergoes spontaneous combustion and becomes what is.

Change is the verb that blurs the lines between dreams and reality.

My music has undergone some huge changes, a few of which I’ve shared with you already.

The summer isn’t over yet, and I still have a collection of shows at which I’d love to catch up with you at! This weekend I’ll be at Urban Vines in Westfield, IN and the music will be going from 6-9PM.

That’s my view.

Don’t worry, it’s my view long before the music started and literal people were in those seats–haha.

Next week I’ll be coming home to Ohio to play a set at Taffy’s on Friday, May 26th. It would be incredible to see a few friends from home there!

May 27th I’ll be in Nashville, IN at the Pine Room for an acoustic set, and May 28th I’ll finish out the month at Urban Vines. The following week I’m driving to CHICAGO! It’s in all-caps, because I’m playing a listening room just a block away from Wrigley Field (go Cubs go) directly after a Cubs/Cardinals game. I’m not sure what I’m more excited for–the game or my show…..

This past weekend we kicked off my project in the studio. I’m not sure what could reflect change in my writing style or music more than an actual recording of it–so I made the decision to bring that idea to life in the studio.

I couldn’t ask for a better person to share this news with!

Thanks for sticking around, and listening to my Monday (on this occasion it’s a Tuesday) rants. If you’ve made it to the end of this post, through the “change” musing and subliminal plugs than you must be truly interested in what’s going on in the life of Kristen Bennett Music.

I am so incredibly thankful for you!

Happy Tuesday.

Also, I feel like I’m constantly clutching a cup of coffee (my Monday night School of Rock group wanted to name their band Endless Coffee in honor of my bad habits) in my hands. This picture in the studio is proof of my shortcomings….

Endless Coffee.

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