The Subtle Art of Listening

How to Create the Perfect Listening Space

1. Comfy Couch
2. Cozy Headphones/Sound System
3. Lounge Clothes
4. Comfort Food
5. Sunlight

Optional: Dessert-Themed Scented Candle (i.e. – Birthday Cake)

I don’t remember the last time I set aside a portion of time to intentionally listen to the entirety of a full-length album.

We’re constantly bombarded with music: I catch parts of the audio stream in my car radio, through workplace airwaves, and the occasional concert playlist. I hear sound bytes of chart toppers via viral You Tube streams within my Facebook feed, or the next TV commercial. There are countless moments in a day in which my ear gets an audible glimpse of a song.

Oftentimes I make time for an album by buying the physical CD (yes, I am that one person who ) astill buys the CD) and listening to it in parts on my commute to work. Although, there’s something lovely about burrowing into a couch and making a home within the walls of an album.

Pulling out the album booklet and reading the lyrics as the track plays; or rather, Google-ing the collection of lyrics and doing likewise.

Reading the lyrics while the music is fresh in your ears feels like an ongoing conversation with the songwriter, or the unfolding of a choose-your-own adventure novel. Any sort of pre-conceived notion of the artist diminishes, and the chance arises to discover something new and wonderful.

Maybe there’s something secure and nostalgic about the experience, but listening to an album front to back has the potential to be the most relaxing activity of my day. It brings continuity to my week, and gives me a moment to let my mind wander.

This week I’m headed into the studio to record a collection of new music. It’s been nearly four years since I’ve released new music, and I figured it was long due time to put my lyrics to work.

I am so ecstatic about this music, and I’m hoping that it will reach your ears very soon!

It’s jazzy. Bluesy. Good old rock-n-roll.

I’ve never sang such honest words with such ferocity, or leafed through so many pages of thought and experience to piece together the lyrics.

I hope that the end result is something you’ll want to listen to front to back, and pull out that lyric booklet.

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