Ten Concerts and a Lie

1. Luke Bryan
2. Randy Houser
3. Miranda Lambert
4. Tom Chapin
5. Vince Gill
6. Kenny Burrell
7. Flyleaf
8. The Devil Wears Prada
9. Justin Timberlake
10. Gallant

When I was younger, concerts were magical.

The deafening bass the echoed through subwoofers taller than me, that pulsated through my chest.

The multitude of people gathered in one place, singing back the lyrics to my favorite song.

The seamless flow of music, and the finesse of the band.

Having the experience of seeing the face behind the music in my stereo.

Heading home after the fact, ears still ringing and my entire body sore from jumping, fist pumping, and exhausting every last bit of energy I could suffice.

Whether good or bad, concerts leave you with a story to reminisce upon for days to come.

The music sticks with you, even if it’s that annoying, repetitive, radio-dominating hook you can’t get out of your head—the notes remain tangible.

Of course, after I went off to college and spent a few years delving into the work behind the music business, a little of the magic faded.

But it wasn’t gone.

I found those moments all the more meaningful, after I began to understand how it was created in the first place. And as I began to grow in my awareness, my respect for those in the industry grew.

I see the concert from a different perspective now, and not simply because I am a singer/songwriter myself.

For one, I began to see the people in the woodwork of the concert; the collection of hands that hold the entire production in place: the tech crew, production staff, lighting crew, and the miscellaneous other crews that have prepped for weeks on end—just for one event.

Mind you, these aren’t just small players in the game.

Behind every seamless, magical concert are hundreds of people who tirelessly work to keep things in place.

The concert is a much more meticulous, hard-earned endeavor than the magical, mythical mirage of my childhood.

And yet, I still am fascinated by the alchemy of the concert.

This past weekend I kicked off my spring/summer show series at Grey House Coffee, a wonderful spot in West Lafayette on Purdue’s campus. Next week I’ll be playing the first of four shows in an acoustic series at Urban Vines in Westfield, IN.

For more updates on shows/locations, click right here.

If you haven’t had the chance yet to head over to my YouTube channel, you can find my latest cover right here! I always love visitors and feedback!

Kristen Bennett Music is about to get a huge makeover in just a couple of weeks as I head into the studio and finally lay down some tracks after a year of thriving in my live-in songwriting hobbit-hole.

It’s something new, but I’m excited to share it with you.

Until next week,


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