Take a Deep Breath

It’s hard to catch your breath in a never-ending stream of going-on.



Sustaining health.



The list, if you start one, becomes an infinite circle of routine, obligation, and mundane attempts to survive. Life can get in the way like that, on occasion.

As I settle into post-grad life, or “adult-ing”, the term we millennials have bestowed upon the process, I’ve felt the ever-present need to sit down and breathe.

The speed at which we consume things can become overwhelming; in fact, it has the potential to consume us.

Simply taking a few minutes to catch a few pages in your latest book becomes a sacred act, seeming to hold in the place the few ounces of sanity you have left.

Attempting to dismiss the chaos as temporary or nonexistent does not diminish the stress it invokes.

Take a few minutes to breathe.

To conclude this season of busy-ness, I have some exciting news to share with the few of you who are still reading (and haven’t sworn off my blog forever)!

I’m kicking off the summer with a wholesome amount of shows, at which I’d love to see a few familiar faces! Here is schedule so far:

You can find more information on dates, times, ticket prices, and location right here or here.

This next month I’ll be heading into the studio to whip up a little new music for your ears.

I’m looking forward to the days ahead!

Can’t wait to see you out there.


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