The Art of Learning

Cheesy title, I know.

But on this cool, early Spring morning I find the phrase to be ever so relevant.

Consuming is a simple process.

Every day you consume a conglomeration of calories, interactions, words, music, and experiences.

We all consume our fair share of media through small, glowing screens every hour on the dot.

And of course, we consume the endless narration of thought-processing throughout the day.

The mind can take on a multitude of things in a matter of seconds, but the outcome of quantity lies within the processing.

Learning actively is a process–a practice, or an art.

People are dubbed “fast-learners” due to their capacity to take in the world in a kinesthetic, spacial, or aural way.

However, the trick lies in the will to be curious.

The quiet wonder that lies in a vast symphony, or the petals of a wildflower.

The patience to notice things, and walk a little slower.

And yet, we still have to practice the art of learning.

Without practice, the process becomes a little rusty and our thoughts incomplete.

I still grow nostalgic when I pick up my first guitar.

Before I even decided to play, the six-string was a mystery to me–but the type of mystery I wanted to sit down for hours and contemplate. Little accomplishments between those strings were enormous for me; the first time I heard a bright, golden G chord reverberate I was hooked. Finding my way around that guitar took years, and I still find myself craving more.

Learning does not simply expose the mystery of a spark, but instead, it unveils a wildfire of questions.

It leaves you with a cliffhanger, and an urge to know more.

But if you don’t take a moment to read the next chapter of the mystery, you’ll never pick up another book.

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