The Equation


The latin reads: “All that is human is smoke, show, vanity and the picture of a stage.” 
Art is in my blood.

I descended from a family full of painters, writers, art collectors, and photographers.

I grew up with a basement full of old canvases, and not just the paintings of my dad’s but a collection of pieces from my grandpa and great grandpa.

Sitting in my closet is the full set of my grandpa’s filming and photography equipment.

Seared in my memory are the haunting images captured at Hiroshima that my great grandpa took in 1945.

My most treasured possession sits on my bookshelf: a collection of miscellaneous high school newspapers featuring my grandma’s quirky and charming journalism.

It’s easy to run to a viable explanation as to why something should make sense.


Kristen descended from a trove of artists


Kristen appreciates and creates art.

Simple equations leave
simple answers
in which we decide to
simply settle with.

However, I believe that we shouldn’t dilute creativity by diminishing it to a simple equation.

We are all creative in some way or another; it’s what makes us unique and part of a collective human experience.

I could spend hours, days, or years finding consolation in a simple equation that should spark my creativity…. without ever creating anything.

Oftentimes I find that any writer’s block isn’t just a wall you hit until it crumbles, but rather, a small voice in your head stating over and over again:

“You can’t do this.”

Because whenever you decide to put pen to paper, lyrics to music, or paint to canvas; no matter the amount of times you’ve set out to do so, or the experience you carry with you–

there is alway a risk.

A risk of




A simple equation will not help you overcome the mountain of self-doubt you’ve built up inside of you, or push you to sit down and finally start writing that book you’ve always talked about.

Don’t settle for what makes sense.

Be inspired by those who have come before you, ask questions, learn to thrive on curiosity, and continue to push for something more than just an equation.

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