Different Day, Same Notebook….Same Cat

If I walked you through my daily ritual, you most likely wouldn’t get excited over it.

Just like countless other days, my mornings are for coffee, afternoons contain work, and evenings ensue total relaxation (I write that clinging to an ideal sense of hope).

Of course, minor incidents and changes can often affect that daily ritual in a plethora of ways. A single moment can change an entire day; however, on a more monumental scale, it could alter your entire life.

Yet, we still continue every day to make the same choices, fulfilling the same rituals, and finding solace in the same comforts.


Habits can be a beautiful thing, if we let them flourish.

Moreover, they can be beautiful if they’re meaningful habits.

I find meaning in writing a poem every day, every morning.

Lucy finds meaning in sitting on my lap during poetry time.

You may find meaning in something else, but it won’t come to fruition unless you set aside time to accomplish it.

And yet, those nasty little interruptions may bring you down and distract from your daily ritual. No matter how strict you are with your schedule and time constraints, an interruption is bound to happen.

Perhaps, the interruptions to our day aren’t necessarily a devilish whim.

Perhaps, an interruption is just another reminder that life is not always ritualistic, but





and full of small incidents that shape us and make us who we are.

PS- I had a small listening party last night in Anderson, Indiana to celebrate the release of my new Christmas EP and it was the bomb.





This weekend I’ll be headed to Dayton, Ohio to share in the festivities with my high school friends.

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