No Longer Caged

Lately I’ve spent the majority of my time studying the art of creativity.


I am captivated by people; not only that, but I’m captivated by what they can do.

In a world full of status-updates, 1080px by 1080px snapshots, disappearing video acts, and 150-character novels our capacity remains in tact. Moreover, our creative senses don’t simply remain in tact but thrive.

Like many, I initially thought social media to be a mindless construct, without purpose except to escape in a world that wasn’t real.

However, I’ve changed my tune.

A few clicks a day, creates something more than another Facebook story or a tidbit on Reddit.

Social media is a platform to share our human experience.


Yes, there is such a thing as







Too much of one thing can overtake you, if you’re not careful.

But perhaps there’s something beautiful in seeing a loved one’s face that you haven’t met with in over a year, or publicly congratulating your high school best friend on a new job. How many old friends and new connections would you honestly stay in touch with when you subtract the social media platform from the mix?

With easy access comes the convenient inability to communicate face-to-face.


But who said we couldn’t still make a consciousness effort to do both?

Perhaps social media merely exists to be a constant reminder that for our own well being, we cannot forgo community and shared in-person experiences.

If you could share in the creativity, common experiences, and the life we all possess, why not do so, without restraint?

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