October Playlist

I have many friends that always ask me what I’m listening to.

PS – I love hearing what you’re listening to, so don’t be hesitant to comment or leave a reply of your October playlist.

But for now, feel free to give a listen to some of my latest muses.

1. Shake it Off – Us the Duo
This duo is effortless and collected. Before Ryan Adams gave his own spin on Tswift (which I love, but more on that later), Us the Duo dabbed in the goodness of 1989.

2. Pierre – Ryn Weaver
I happened upon Ryn Weaver on a Snapchat artist’s spotlight. She’s a spitfire of an artist, and a lovely mix of genres. That being said, this song has been stuck in my head every morning. No joke.

3. Then Came the Morning – The Lone Bellow
Whenever anyone asks me for new music, I point him or her towards the Lone Bellow. I am a sucker for wailing three-part melodies and honest lyrics.

4. Worry – Jack Garratt
Another immediate recommendation on my list, Jack Garrat is simple and soulful. This song is surprisingly smooth, like a warm cup of coffee. Pumpkin Spice Latte, if you will.

5. Every Open Eye – CHVRCHES
This isn’t a song. This is the entire album. This album is a masterpiece from the breakout Scottish trio. All good things come from the island.

6. If You Ever Want to Be in Love – James Bay
Holy James Bay. This is the song you put on repeat until you fully grasp the honesty, sincerity, and beauty of the vocal. Mastery of the simple love ballad.

7. Touch the Sky – Hillsong UNITED
When I first snuck this song into my family’s travel playlist, they couldn’t believe it was Hillsong UNITED. This album is astounding, in the best of ways. Taya Smith is one of the most beautiful musicians in the industry, inside and out.

8. Nobody Love – Tori Kelly
Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I needed a top 40 to make this list complete. No more of that hipster ridiculousness. This song is almost as catchy as Shake it Off….yes, you just heard that from a diehard Swift fan.

9. Welcome to New York – Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams. Have you seen Ryan Adam’s 1989? I’m not sure what’s more interesting: the arguments between Swift fans and Adam’s fans, or the album itself.

10. Until the Levee – Joy Williams
For those of you who aren’t away, ½ of the goodness of the Civil Wars (Joy Williams) released a solo album that’s even better. Don’t take my word for it, go listen and find out for yourself.

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