A lyric

When you realize you have something to say, and a platform to say it, the words become weighted.


This is what drew me into lyricism in the first place.

If you know me, or even have kept up with my blog posts, you know I have a lot to say. Literally the words don’t run out. When I was younger I used to get points off of my essays because I used too many words to drive a point (is the nerd in me showing yet?)

The thing is, we all have a lot to say. It’s a simple game: everyone wants to get his or her words out before another person speaks up.

We all believe that what we have to say is worth listening to.

Sometimes we even override others opinions in an effort to get ours heard first.

I often sit and contemplate the many stories I’ve missed, simply because I wanted to hear my own voice.

However, if one were to simply listen, a lyric wouldn’t be a reality.

We are all entitled to our stories, thoughts, opinions, and words. They are worth listening to, in measured capacity.

In measured capacity?

Like I’ve mentioned before, sometimes we speak just to hear our own voice speaking. Lately, I’ve been reading through my lyrics and wondering if what I wrote was simply another effort to let my voice be heard.

The authenticity of a lyric makes or breaks a song. You can see the sincerity of a song in a singer’s eyes, and the pain or happiness in their expression. Experiences live and breathe through songs.

Just as you carry your experiences with your friends and family by sharing over conversation, a song can communicate that sense of community.

My dream is for my experiences to carry throughout this music, and not only that, but yours to be carried within the music as well.

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