Finding a release

Always pursue your passion. When you’re lucky, it turns into your job.

Of course, if your passion becomes your job, work doesn’t seem quite like work.

Whatever you do, there has to be a balance.

After spending hours writing music, going over rehearsed songs, and polishing lyrics, I need a break.

Don’t get me wrong, music never bores me.

I can keep melodies, lyrics, and ideas in my head in continuum.

But sometimes, I need a release.

And that release is painting.


This piece probably isn’t the best example of my work, it was a new endeavor of mixed materials and paints, but it will suffice to prove my point.

To completely pour yourself into an art, it’s essential to learn other arts.

Remember your love for reading?

Experimental cooking?


Whatever it is, don’t forget that simple love.

Hobbies, side-projects, what have you, won’t just help you focus more on your true passion, but continue to add to your work.

Remember that math professor that tried to ingrain in you the concept that everything in math is relevant?

Or the english professor that always preached you’ll use this in everyday life?

You obviously don’t have to use the lessons you’ve learned in math, english, or whatever course in everyday life.

But you can keep learning and soaking in the knowledge of other subjects aside from your career.

When I painted this piece, I was trying something new: gold-leafed foil, straight-lines, and modernism. An art completely foreign to my typical, simple impressionism style.

I’ve been trying new things with my music, and challenging myself to branch out in my painting skills has not only been difficult but inspiring.

I’m taking these skills and the determination it’s building to heart.

So once more, find a release.

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