A week in Nashville

I live in Nashville….well, it’s been a week.


I’ve traversed some vintage stores, found my favorite coffee spot, and picked out the best running trail for morning hikes.

Of course, I’ve lived in Nashville before–my final semester of school I was in Brentwood (West Nashville).

However, Franklin was the change I needed.


This past week I went on a lovely dinner date with Marshall at my favorite restaurant: Love, Peace, & Pho.

If you live in Nashville, I highly recommend dropping in for a bite! The pho is amazing, and of course, my favorite.

Plus, the strip Love, Peace, and Pho resides on possesses an even better gem: Eighth and Roast.


Great coffee, a beautiful creative space, and wonderful baristas.

Eighth & Roast has it all. I’ve spent many days getting work done in the peaceful space.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week, and I hope to bring you some more news soon!


One thought on “A week in Nashville

  1. Congratulations on your move!! I’m sure you’re loving Nashville, it’s a great city with good food and good music and friendly people. I’m a southern belle myself, from Atlanta and recently moved to Dallas. Exploring a new city is most exciting when you get to try all the restaurants!!

    I’m a blogger too, check me out at thepreppursuit.com

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