Architecture and Jesus

Whenever architecture and Jesus enter into the conversation, a steeple is typically involved.

Churches and architecture have a parallel history of beauty, vision, and deceit. Many times when both subjects are tied to a conversation, the speaker becomes cautious of anchoring Jesus within the walls of the church.


This is justifiable–Jesus and his message shouldn’t stay simply within the four walls of a chapel. However, the Lord gifted us with the power and beauty of creativity.


It may be strange to acknowledge the spirituality of a building or place, but if you’ve ever walked within sacred walls or on sacred ground, the phenomenon becomes real.

Think of Gettysburg.

The Grand Canyon.

St. Paul’s Cathedral


The beauty of this Earth is undeniable.

It’s as if emotions, experiences, and people permeate through the walls of hundred-year-old chapels, battlegrounds, and a magnificent sunset.

The human eye can take so much in, all we have to do is watch, listen, and admire.

 The majority of Finland is covered in water; according to Google there are 187, 888 lakes. Some of my favorite nights in Finland were spent on a lake, watching the sun pass below the horizon. The picture above was taking at Riutaranta, on the dock of a traditional wooden sauna.

Once the narrative or story behind a sacred place is explored or explained, oftentimes one’s collective experience will change.

Never stop exploring.

Always encourage the curiosity of the places, faces, and structures.

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