Ordinary Days

Never underestimate the power of an ordinary day.

This week is my last full week in Dayton, Ohio. It feels strange.


I thought posing by a corn field would be most appropriate, since I’m wearing a uni-CORN tank. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Please say you were laughing.

Even though your a-typical Monday morning (yes, these pictures were all taken on a Monday afternoon) results in work, coffee, or maybe even a day out with friends, nothing is simply “ordinary.”

“Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.” – C.S. Lewis

This is something that has stuck with me every morning, as I prepare for what the day holds.

It isn’t easy to keep a steadfast heart, an active mind, and a productive schedule.

Moreover, it isn’t easy to repress emotions or limit my perspective to an “ordinary day”.


Living life to the fullest is such a cliche phrase, for what it’s worth. If it was that easy, no one would seek counseling or go to AA meetings.

Living life to the fullest is messy, challenging, and often disappointing.

What if we simply found pleasure in an “ordinary day”?

Those small dinners with close family members, a thank you note to a friend, or a hot cup of coffee.

Or even an over-sized cheeseburger.


An ordinary day can exceed living life to the fullest, and often become more satisfying in the long run.

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