From the Road

Actually, from Starbucks. Even more ironic than “from the road.”

Anyways, I thought it was clever.

For the past few months, I’ve been studying in Nashville at the Contemporary Music Center. Instead of my really awesome homework load, I’ve been writing songs, arranging a band, performing weekly shows, and recording in the studio.

It’s been an incredible ten weeks! Ten weeks? Wow.

This summer I’m planning to make a permanent move in Nashville to pursue a few opportunities that have been coming my way. And of course, I have a few dates added to the calendar!

This week I took off with CMC for our Holotour. We’ve visited Bryan College and Erskine College. The rest of the tour takes us south—North and South Carolina. We’re returning to Nashville to finish up some shows locally at colleges and high schools.

I love nothing more than travelling, meeting new faces, and playing my music.

My opportunities with CMC have been awesome. It’s been a fast-pace, intense program, but to be completely immersed in music makes it worth it.

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