This is not a eulogy

I’ve taken awhile to come back to my blog.

The past few weeks have been a landslide of thoughts, emotions, and experiences that spill out innumerable words of pain, joy, and pensiveness.

I’ve attempted to take these thoughts in stride, speculating how I can be honest, genuine, and deliberate with my work.

Let me be frank, this is not a eulogy.

“In remembrance of”

“In honor of”

Sounds stagnant, and overused.

When someone pours such joy and inspiration into your life, you can’t simply leave them with a eulogy, or a token of remembrance.

So this is not a eulogy.

We are the living. We are the ones responsible for carrying on the legacy, thoughts, and beliefs of those before us—if we chose to do so.

A collection of lives continue to shape and sharpen our actions and morals, and we get to decide how to use the wisdom that has been passed on to us.

A couple weeks ago I went to back-to-back funerals.

My grandma—a woman who has had perhaps the most profound influence on my life.

And my grandpa: a man who pushed me into doing my very best under all circumstances.

I could write countless pages on how their actions affected me deeply. However, I feel as if this wouldn’t do justice to their memory. I want to encourage and uplift, rather than dwell on what has already passed.

So I want to leave you with a simple thought…

Don’t take those around you for granted. Pour into others the legacy—of joy, persistence, or determination–that they have poured into you.

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