NAMM 2015

You knew it was coming, don’t deny it.

The longest, most obnoxious, most ridiculous, wonderful weekend of the year.

And the appropriate loud, boisterous social media posts to accompany it.

If you’ve checked my media, you probably realized I experienced beaches, celebrities, boutique pedals, and incredible instruments this weekend. But, in case you really do enjoy pretty pictures…


Yep, that’s Laguna beach. Unfortunately, it was perfect. 80 degrees, cool refreshing water, and really big waves.

Prime beach conditions.

Sorry Midwest friends.

I have this theory, that NAMM gets 10x better every year—because, NAMM 2015 was amazing. Venturing out, I was reminiscing about how awesome last year’s show was. I had made several assumptions throughout the year, that nothing could possibly be better at NAMM 2014. Of course, I was proved blatantly wrong.

I mean, I knew I was off to a good start on Day 2, playing my dream guitar…


Ugh. White Falcons are the only way to go, guys. Just looking at the picture makes me happy.

NAMM is such an incredible trade show to go to, and this year I had the privilege of receiving the NAMM Presidential Innovation Award, which funded my entire trip. Not only did I get to squeeze out every opportunity possible during the jam packed weekend of music and gear, but also do it fully funded by the NAMM foundation! Needless to say, I am so grateful.

Plus, did I mention I had a few awesome friends a long the way?


Check out that hunk. Yep, that’s my hunk of a boyfriend. I get to embarrass him every once in awhile, right?

But seriously, it was so fun to venture into NAMM with the intention of playing every guitar, trying every possible pedal/rig we wanted, and enjoying some sweet music.


Like seriously, my face explains it all.

Saturday night, I got to watch living legend Kenny Burrell play (the Kenny Burrell that was dubbed by Duke Elliot as his “favorite guitarist).

As a jazz guitarist, he’s been one of my biggest influences on playing and tone. Furthermore, he has this overall aura about him–genius, honest, and legendary–all packed into one person. It was breathtaking to watch him play, and at 83 years old he’s still got it!

So aside from seeing countless talented people perform, I also got to experience some really cool gear!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.47.01 PM

Check out these in-ears from Ear Dubs! I spent all week walking around NAMM with these clever little guys in. They worked to protect my ears, especially in such a loud environment. Plus, they look better than fleshy colored ear plugs! Give ’em a shoutout at or @weardubs

Also, did I mention I got to spend the week with Marshall?


Yeah, we don’t really know how to picture. But I thought I would share for your enjoyment.

Have a blessed week!

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