White Chocolate Cinnamon Caramel Bark

Yes, it’s a real thing. White chocolate cinnamon caramel bark. I know the majority of my posts namedrop foods or tasty meals, but this one is a shameless plug. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, who specializes in pecan pralines (YUM), has some ridiculously good sweets. It was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth during an escapade downtown, with all three of my roommates. Seriously, just look at all this gold:


After our Friday night escapade, which sounds more exciting than it was, we spent a sunny Saturday afternoon enjoying Long Hunter State Park. It was a refreshing break from rehearsals, traffic, and concrete walls. Sometimes all you need is a little sun, water, and trees. As you can see, my roommate was thrilled.


Did I mention that my roommate is adorable? There’s no denying it.

We scaled bridges, trekked the eight mile stretch of trail, and I attempted to climb a tree….


At least the lake is epic.

This week I’ll be spending the majority of my time in Orange County, California at the NAMM show. That is, National Association of Music Merchants–one of the most exciting music shows of the year. I’m looking forward to concerts, gushing over new gear, trying out a few guitars, and garnering all the knowledge I can from the infamous artists, producers, engineers, and sellers that attend. It’s going to be a blast, plus, I’ll have a few friends there to keep me company.

More pictures and music to come!

Happy hump day, friends.

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