“Plants are people too!”

That’s something my old roommate, Emily used as a mantra to cultivate her plants. Actually, it has nothing to do with my post; I just thought it would catch your attention.

To be fair, I do maintain a blossoming (see what I did there?) relationship with my plants: each has a name, and a designated spot in my apartment. However, I digress.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of opportunity and change. Sometimes I feel as if I’m on the other side of a glass at a zoo, watching each opportunity and talent flourish behind tinted windows. It’s incredible to live in such near proximity to a myriad of “legends”—purely inspirational.

In fact, this is an accurate depiction of my excitement:


Yes, I had to get my tourist pictures in at some point.

We’ve done some amazing trips just in a few days–journeys to Sputnik Sound and the Grammy Offices, to name a couple notable ones. I want to garner as much knowledge from this experience, and do my best to communicate and utilize it among you all! Here’s a quick snap of the beautiful guitars at Sputnik Sound:


I’ve never been in a studio with such beautiful vintage instruments, legendary staff, and gear—it was as if wisdom was reeking through the walls. Okay, that was a strange description….lets move on.

One of my favorite activities has been the scoping out the potential “hang out” spots. I wouldn’t consider myself a “local” yet; not that I’m waiting for an official initiation, I still feel as if I’m the typical “tourist”.

However, yesterday my roommates and I hunted down a quaint little Vietnamese Pho (noodle) joint that was phenomenal.

Fresh rice noodles, warm broth, and hot sauce is the perfect remedy for a winter night….


Seriously “Pho”nomenal.

After settling down in the apartment, re-arranging the cabinets, cozying up in my PJ’s, and munching on leftovers, I already feel an overwhelming peace that the Lord has put me exactly where I need to be.

Of course, maybe I was just “Pho”cusing on the noodles.

3 thoughts on ““Plants are people too!”

  1. Love this, and you! I’m excited to read about all you are doing and hopefully listen to some new music while you’re down there? 😉 I’m sure Nashville will give you some new song ideas!

    Love you mucho! ❤
    Courtney Recker

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