The Last Taste of Summer

It’s nearly 75 degrees outside. And sunny. I’ve been dancing around singing…


Which is most appropriate, because Relient K is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of Mhm, AKA the most fantastic item of my Middle School CD collection. I have this wary feeling that today is summer’s last hurrah; one last taste before the cold weather settles in.

Here’s a flashback from the band’s summer days, a beautiful outdoor concert at MUGS Coffee & Tea

It was a beautiful outdoor concert the band and I had the opportunity to play towards the end of summer. The warm, pleasant summer night was a great time to enjoy local music, and locally sourced coffee. We love MUGS!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to perform my senior recital–something I’ve worked towards for the past year. I focused on a specific era, 1920’s, and presented a concert imitating the style, image, and perceptions of the jazz age. I studied the lovely voices of Marion Harris, Ethel Waters, and Gertrude Lawrence. Here’s a picture of the wonderful jazz trio that accompanied me on Sunday…


L to R : David Naffie, Isaac Vining, Caleb Scott

So many people came to support me at the recital, and for that I’m forever grateful. It was incredible to see friends who have been alongside me for years, and especially enjoy time with my awesome family. Here’s a picture of my brother and I, post-concert.


I am so thankful for all the encouragement and training I’ve gotten under my voice professor, Dr. Sowers. He’s been such an inspiration and truly an awesome influence in my life. Here’s another picture of the band in action in York…


This weekend was awesome. I’ve said “awesome” at least five times in this post(my inner English geek is cringing), so you know it’s real.

Also, to top of the weekend, T-Swift’s 1989 is out. I’m fangirling all over it.


Just look at it. You can already tell it’s tasty.

Hope you guys have a fantastic week. Love you all.

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