Rest in Chaos

Last night I had a lovely dream: I was doing a complex figure skating routine with Beyoncé while we sang a duet from Frozen. Now I’m not entirely sure if one literally coincides with the other, but I’ve gotten so much sleep lately, that Beyoncé is showing up with my dreams…figure skating and singing Frozen.

I’m not trying to flaunt the fact, but for the final semester of my college career, I’ve had a significant amount of free time. This semester has been the golden snitch of college: evasive, frustrating, and demanding a lot of attention to achieve, but so worth it in the end. Never in my life have I realized how valuable rest and rejuvenation is.

“Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.”
-Psalm 116:7

Our bodies were built for rest and rejuvenation, as my brother puts it “to wind down for a few hours, rest, and recharge.” But often times, we not only refrain from going through the process of rest, but also forget what it looks like altogether. Rest is an art in of itself: tricking your mind into complete surrender of doubt, worry, and anxiety.

This can be a challenge. This past weekend I began my first oil painting on a larger-then-my-entire-body canvas. After spending the weekend slowly progressing towards a definite finish, my dad urged me to put a halt to my work. He felt that I needed “a month or so” to leave it unfinished, so I could spend some time conjuring up indefinite decisions on the important details.

The reason intricate and beautiful projects take time, is because rest becomes more valuable and essential in the process. The energy needed to plan and prepare takes rest to conjure up, and many hours of sleep. It takes an effort to leave something unfinished, and go to bed peacefully. But perhaps, an awake, productive, and positive mind is more valuable than completing every task that’s presented to us.

So read a book. Or, if you don’t prefer reading, take a walk outside. Don’t let time slip by without cherishing a moment to relax, recharge, and rest.

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