I feel like now is an appropriate time to bring everyone up to speed on some exciting things happening in the very near future—as well as some past events I’ve neglected to reflect on. Plus, it has been awhile since you’ve gotten the chance to listen to me ramble. I apologize for the scattered thoughts and rabbit trails; sometimes I get a little too excited. Bear with me.

Last month I was asked to record a live video shoot at Iron Wing Studios, a place I always love coming back to. The video is a part of a series Brandon Weaver has been putting up YouTube, “Iron Wing Live”. I was blessed enough to have some fantastically talented friends join me on the project—Isaac Vining, Jon Class, and Caleb Schoberg. Brandon did amazing work on the video—it should be up in the next week! I won’t spoil the entirety of the video for you, but it’s going to be up on, for starters.

Alright, aside from the dry rambling of poignant events, I also want to take a stab at rambling about my personal life. This summer I really got the opportunity to dive into the worship ministry—working in worship events at a youth camp, a mission’s trip in rural Kentucky, and my home church in Kettering, Ohio. Worship is something that really hasn’t translated into the whole of “Kristen Bennett Music” yet, but the effect of it is starting to creep in.

Also, I’ve been trying to tie-in a Non-Profit aspect to my live show. To explain the gist of that, Alycia Roby and I have been taking time to donate a good portion of what we make each night to Rapha House. Rapha House is out of Joplin, MO and works to fight against human sex trafficking and slavery. If you haven’t heard of the organization already, I would encourage you to check it out. They do some amazing work in partnership with IJM, something Alycia and I really want to support and rally behind. My dream has always been to run a music ministry that donates 100% of its profit to charity. Hopefully this is a step towards that (at least, in my mind it is).

This was quite a short post to be considered “rambling”, but you get the point. Enjoy the last dog days of summer, and hopefully I’ll see you around soon.

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