I miss the ocean.

I miss the sea breeze and the soft sand under my feet.

The Midwest usually offers a decent summer. The crisp summer sun comes out somewhere between May and June after the occasional spring shower. In July things start to get toasty and by the end of the month, Ohio gets humid.

It’s like a cesspool of condensation and frizzy hair.

Not that Florida is better; no, Florida is much more humid than the Midwest.

I’ve never appreciated humid sticky afternoons. Ever. It’s like conditioning yourself to like pit stains: it’s not going to happen.

“Beauty: the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind.” (

If you can uncover some beauty in a particular “person” or “thing” you can experience “pleasure”…which is often equated with joy.

It’s been reiterated many times: joy does not depend on one’s own personal happiness.

You don’t have to be happy to possess a spirit of joyfulness.

The condition of one’s health, the size of a bank account, and even the miles on a car doesn’t create a joyful spirit.

I’m not trying to condemn; happiness is definitely something to work towards.

But joy is something to relish every morning.

Joy is indispensible and constant—once one finds joy, he or she can treasure it eternally.

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