“What was, what is, and what is to come”

After our debut at the Underground in Cincinnati, OH. From left to right: Caleb Schoberg, Isaac Vining, (me!), and Evan Maxwell
After our debut at the Underground in Cincinnati, OH. From left to right: Caleb Schoberg, Isaac Vining, (me!), and Evan Maxwell

Yes, that was a Lord of the Rings reference, and an appropriate title for this post. My friend and I challenged each other to re-read the series over winter break, inspired by the recent release of The Hobbit. In case you haven’t caught on, I’m a pretty big nerd.
Whether the blessing of a New Year has magically stimulated me or I’m afraid you will get bored opening up the same homepage, I finally found the motivation to write. So bear with me, and I’ll give you a very brief summary of where God has taken my music in 2012.
In May I spent the entire month with the Anderson University Chorale in Scandinavia on our International Nordic Tour. We began our trip in Norway, making our way through Sweden and ending in Finland.
In July of 2012 I recorded a self-titled EP at Iron Wing Studios with the help of a wonderful producer, Ryan Morgan, and an excellent engineer, Brandon Weaver. My friends CJ Lukas and Isaac Vining came down to the studio in Covington, Kentucky to contribute to the project. It was an amazing experience, and something that I will never forget. The excitement of actually possessing a CD with my name on it was enough to satisfy my ambition.
Over the summer I played a few solo shows around the Midwest, my favorite being in a small acoustic room at Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee.
After school began we began promotion for the EP Release at Anderson University’s coffee shop, Mocha Joe’s. The release at Mocha’s was one of my favorite shows this year, and definitely most fun! In the same week the band and I traveled to Cincinnati, where the guys totally rocked the Underground.
In November I started working on a new project with producer/engineer Jonathan Class at Gaither Studios. While the release date for this project is still up in the air, I can definitely tell you how awesome it is! It was a privilege to work in such a beautiful, renowned studio.
In December the first Semester of my sophomore year at AU came to a close. I spent a week in Orlando, Florida watching my brother in a golf tournament. Just in case you were wondering, the weather was fantastic! On New Year’s Eve I watched the fireworks at Disney with my family from our hotel room. We were in our PJ’s—it was party.
I am ecstatic to see what God will bring into my life in 2013. I’ve already added a few shows to the schedule, with more to come! And before I finally shut up, I want to extend a warm “thank you” and give you a virtual hug. My dear friends, you all are wonderful.

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