And just when you thought it was over….

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end in a quaint little cottage somewhere off the coast of Finland. In fact, that story finishes off with a very unfriendly airline which I will not name–*ahem* KLM–and a surprise trip to Manchester, England on a lengthy detour back to the states. If this sounds like a narrative you can’t miss out on and you’re up for a long afternoon with some coffee…don’t hesitate to ask me about it.

If you haven’t heard the news, this summer I finished up a five song EP! Back in July the guys in the band and I took a week at Iron Wing Studios down in Covington, KY to cook up some sweet tones for y’all. We were blessed to have a fantastic engineer, Brandon Weaver, and an excellent producer, Ryan Morgan, on board as well.

To say I am excited about this record would be an understatement. I am thrilled to finally make available to you the culmination of my songwriting for the past few years, and hope that you will love this music as much as I do.

Many of the songs on the record are about other people: you guys! I love to draw my inspiration from the people I’ve come across in life, and not just those I’ve known for many years. As I continue to find beauty in God’s creation the act becomes a medium for discovering His touch upon everyday life. It is comforting to know that He is walking alongside me, through me, and in my friends and family. I’m so excited I get to share that with everyone in these few songs. So stay tuned, and I’ll hit you up with some updates soon. There are one or two more significant stories I still have left to reflect on. We may be venturing off to school, but summer isn’t officially over until September 21!

So while you’re waiting around for more exciting news, here is picture of a puppy:

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