Reflections, Part 2.5: on top of the city (Sweden)

The past few months have been a huge blessing to me; I cannot thank God enough for providing me with such amazing opportunities that I, more or less, did not deserve. It would be foolish of me if I neglected sharing with you these emotions, events, and places. Every moment has planted something new inside of me, and each person, shared an everlasting light.

On one evening in Stockholm my friend Hannah Boggs and I wondered away from our hostel room and meandered among Swedes in a nearby park. The park was full of beautiful garden plots; each section was sold and maintained to city people in need of green space. After reaching the end of the plots we arrived at a small rocky hill.

Hannah and I got a little adventurous and scaled a little nook in the hill. The enticing possibility that a surprise was hidden on top of the rocky foliage was too tempting to pass up. I mean, come on. Narnia had to be up there somewhere.

After a few minutes of climbing and pointless wondering we stumbled upon something fantastic: a birds eye view of the entire city. Our entrance was beyond ideal; we had managed to arrive on top of the hill as the sun sank below the horizon.

It was an amazing moment to share with Hannah. The next morning we hiked up to the same spot and spent time taking everything in. Being on top of Stockholm was exhilarating. I had to breathe in the air and memorize the smell. Let the blue sky soak in my memory until it left an imprint. Brood over the skyline of buildings and let my ears embrace the music of city busybodies, cars, and the wind piercing through. Feeling out a new place takes time. And even more time to let something sink in and become a part of you.

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