Reflections, Part 1.5: Nearsightedness (Norway)

The past few months have been a huge blessing to me; I cannot thank God enough for providing me with such amazing opportunities that I, more or less, did not deserve. It would be foolish of me if I neglected sharing with you these emotions, events, and places. Every moment has planted something new inside of me, and each person, shared an everlasting light.
Can you see them?
Cause I sure didn’t.
Part of a huge herd of reindeer wandering about the Norwegian tundra was captured in this picture. It’s easier to see them if you look at the houses—I promise there are reindeer in this picture!
The Chorale travelled through mountains for four hours; many of those hours had been spent searching reluctantly for reindeer. Norway is one of the few countries that actually hosts Santa’s preferred method of transportation.
On the way through the tundra we had past by a large span of vacation homes. Ten minutes were spent on a winding road overlooking these homes. Well, at least enough time for me to catch five consecutive pictures of the same landscape.
Did I mention that I took five consecutive pictures of reindeer, and didn’t see them?!
If I remember correctly, I was distracted by the rugged vacation homes built for alpine skiers.
If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it’s easy to miss something staring you right in the face. Every day God blesses us. More often than not, we won’t become aware of it until a substantial amount of time passes for reflection.
I spotted the reindeer a few weeks after the tour ended while sorting through pictures.
I’m a firm believer that blessings come in disguises, and usually surprise us.
I’m also a big fan of surprises.

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