Take Off


We are finally in Norway.
It has been somewhere around thirty two hours since we first attempted to board our plane to Amsterdam and catch a connector flight to Bergen, Norway. The initial flight out of O’Hare was delayed 18 hours because lightening struck the plane while it was traveling to the terminal. Thankfully, no one got hurt.
After taking the delayed flight into Amsterdam, we nearly missed our flight to Bergen. Thankfully the airline held the plane for us for nearly an hour.
Currently we are waiting for our luggage to arrive in Bergen because it did not make the flight.
This has been quite the adventure.
But I couldn’t be more thankful.

Flying in to Bergen surrounded by snow-capped mountains was incredible. There’s no doubt about it, mountains are the best.
Somehow, seven hours from now we’re going to preform our first concert, which should, to say the least, be interesting.
The picture you see is Amsterdam from the plane window, my few minutes of the Netherlands. Just a friendly reminder that no matter how long the wait, life will alway pass by in snapshots.

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